Advanced Online Teaching Certificate

Delivery Mode : Asynchronous Workshop
Levels : Advanced

Enhance and strengthen your current skills to become more effective in the principles and practices of online teaching.

The OLC Advanced Online Teaching Certificate Program is a 12-week workshop designed to help educators fine-tune existing online courses and degree programs in order to have a positive impact on student learning. We start with critically analyzing one of our own courses to determine how close, or far, we are from the best practices described in the OSCQR Course Design Review and the Quality Course Teaching and Instructional Practice (QCTIP) scorecards. This analysis becomes the foundation and framework that each individual participant uses as they explore the six units of study which make up this program. The units include:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started – Utilize the OSCQR and QCTIP scorecards to complete a course design review for a course that you teach in order to identify strong aspects, as well as areas for improvement.

  • Unit 2: Objectives and Assessments – Broaden your knowledge of various assessment techniques (formative and summative) for measuring individual and group student performance, starting with examining program and course learning objectives to ensure they are measurable.

  • Unit 3: Active Learning Strategies – Discuss the pros and cons of active learning, as well as a broad range of active learning strategies including (but not limited to) collaborative learning, problem-based learning, inductive learning, etc.
  • Unit 4: Multimedia and Social Media with Accessibility Considerations – Explore popular forms of multimedia/social media tools to promote student engagement and build connections within a learning community. Delve into common accessibility standards as related to the use of such media.

  • Unit 5: Open Unit – To strive to make this program as worthwhile and personal as possible for the cohort of individuals enrolled, the participants decide what they want to study, and that content is then designed and shared.

  • Unit 6: Full Circle – Brings the program full circle by reflecting on improvements made to a course by again using the lens of the OSCQR and QCTIP.

*Please review pre-requisites before registering for this program.

Successful participants of this program will receive a certificate of completion as well as a digital badge of completion via Credly.

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  • Experience: It is strongly suggested that you have either have taught at least 3+ years online

If you do not meet prerequisites for the Advanced Online Teaching Certificate please take our Online Teaching Certificate program.


The program objectives enable participants to:

  1. Leverage their background and proficiencies as educators, administrators, and institutional leaders to become highly effective in the principles and practices of asynchronous instruction,
  2. Integrate OLC‘s research-based, conceptual and theoretical foundations relating to learning theory and assessment to compliment and personalize their online classroom
  3. Capitalize on their potential as innovators in the field of online education by being challenged to create high quality work products which will be assessed by the program facilitators and their peers

The Advanced Online Teaching Certificate consists of various modules allowing participants to deeply immerse themselves in the presented topic. Each module will be “kicked off” by a 1-hour live session and will culminate in a project which will be presented to and reviewed by the facilitator and by peers. Each project will be chosen by the participants from a suggested list to ensure that the final product is applicable, has value, and immediate worth.