Exploring Learning Analytics

Track : Online Management
Delivery Mode : Asynchronous Workshop
Levels : Beginner
Eligible for Online Teaching Certificate elective : Yes

This workshop provides an introduction to the field of learning analytics, geared mainly towards faculty, instructional designers and other professionals who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of learning analytics. Learning analytics is a growing area of interest across the academy. New technologies can enable faculty and administrators to gather data about how students are interacting with digital learning environments, such as the campus LMS, and other institutionally provided platforms. This data can be used to inform the future design of courses, platforms and even the development of predictive tools that can guide individual students towards success. However, the understanding of a practical approach for educators is often missing. During this one-week workshop, we will learn about the fundamental concepts and approaches used in this quickly evolving field and review basic terminology and concepts related to learning analytics. We will look at analytics from an individual teacher’s perspective as well as program or institution-wide uses. Designed with the practitioner in mind, this applied analytics workshop will include examples of learning analytics approaches and projects happening within higher education as well as highlight methods of building capacity towards an analytics project or strategy. Participants will learn how to identify small scale, proof-of-concept learning analytics projects and methods that they can try at their own institutions. In addition, they will see practical examples of learning analytics to help track student engagement, early warning alerts and other methods of “in-semester” uses of analytics and create a mini project to apply the concepts learned in the workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the similarities and differences between learning analytics, academic analytics, and educational data mining.
  • Explore how learning analytics can be useful for faculty and instructional designers
  • Identify different types of learning analytics that can be useful for improving learning design


This workshop is a seven day long, asynchronous learning experience beginning on a Monday and ending the following Sunday. Total length of time to completion: 7 days.

Who should attend?

  • Online program administrators and staff
  • University administrators
  • Faculty development specialists

What are the key takeaways from this workshop?

  • A better understanding of the different types of learning analytics, including their stages and uses
  • Challenges and opportunities to implementing learning analytics at the course, program, and institutional level
  • Various applications and examples of learning analytics in use
  • A mini-project assessing your institutional readiness to implement learning analytics

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Refund Policy
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