Helping Faculty with New Course Development - ID1

Track : Online Design
Delivery Mode : Asynchronous Workshop
Levels : Beginner,Intermediate
Eligible for Online Teaching Certificate elective : No

Please note: Workshop passes and coupons do not apply to this offering.

This course is designed to help new online instructional designers be confident in their knowledge and abilities in guiding new faculty through the online course development process. Participants will discuss how to dispel the initial apprehensions for teaching online, strategies for planning online faculty development experiences, creating and managing online course development milestones, and the practice and procedure for implementing a continuous improvement plan.

This 4-week course is part of the Instructional Designer Certificate Program, but may also be taken as an individual professional development offering.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the scope of the instructional designer role at your institution
  • Identify instructional design challenges
  • Generate potential solutions to instructional design challenges
  • Analyze the course development process at your institution
  • Identify challenge areas in the course development process
  • Develop a solution to a course development challenge
  • Analyze the faculty development program at your institution
  • Propose revisions to improve the effectiveness of your faculty development program
  • Describe the relationship between program evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Apply Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation model
  • Analyze the effectiveness of a faculty development program evaluation plan

Week 1: Instructional Designers & Your Institution
Week 2: The Course Development Process
Week 3: Faculty Development Strategies
Week 4: Evaluating Impact & Continuous Improvement

Who Should Take this Program?

  • Instructional designers who work directly with faculty in the course design and development process
  • Librarians and multimedia specialists who also take on the role of an instructional designer
  • Online faculty who also support online course design and development at their institution


At least one year of experience in supporting online course design and development in an instructional design capacity.

This 4-week course is part of the Instructional Designer Certificate Program, but may also be taken as an individual professional development offering. If participants decide to complete the full program by paying for each workshop individually, they have two years from the time that they enroll in their first course to complete the entire program (note that the bundle discount does not apply to this option).

Please note that coupons and workshop passes do not apply to this offering.

Individual Course Transfer Requests

  • Participants enrolled may request to transfer to a later offering of the same workshop/course before the end of week 1 of the course. After the end of week 1, transfer requests will be charged an administrative fee of $350. This request cannot be made more than once.
  • Transfer requests made after the course has ended will not be granted. Participants who do not successfully complete the course will have to re-take the course, which includes re-registering at the normal price. No refunds will be given.

Note that transferring to a later course entails re-submitting all work and participating in all weeks of the course, partial credits will not be given for individual weeks in a course. Requesting an additional transfer after the first request will result in an administrative fee of $350 (this request cannot be made more than once).