Neuro, Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Part I: Bringing Theory to Practice

Track : Online Learners

Levels : Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced
Eligible for Online Teaching Certificate elective : Yes

New and emerging research in the neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences are providing insight into how we learn and transfer learning to real-world environments.  As advances in technology are changing the world in which we learn and work, a cognitive scientist and educator team up in this workshop to debunk myths about learning and to provide a framework for brain-based learning that is both evidence-based and applicable to online and blended learning. Participants will gain a foundation in the most relevant aspects of research on learning in the mind and brain, culminating in a journal of practice with plans for applying brain and cognitive science to teaching.

This workshop is designed for individuals who work in education (instructors, administrators), professional development, or instructional design and are seeking to expand their knowledge about the mind, learning, memory, attention, motivation, and neurodiversity.


  • Identify common misconceptions about teaching and learning through self-checks
  • Establish effective strategies for teaching, assessment, and design that build upon theory and practice from the neuro, cognitive, and learning sciences
  • Create a journal of practice as a resource for online and blended teaching and learning



This is an asynchronous, week-long workshop which will begin on a Monday and end on the following Sunday. The workshop will require approximately 6-8 hours of work, including reading research-based articles, viewing presentations, engaging in online discussion forums, and submitting assignments. There is one live synchronous session that will be recorded.

Total length of time to completion: 7 days.

Who should attend? 

  • Administrators
  • Instructors
  • Instructional designers

What are the key takeaways from this workshop?

  • Access to resources for learning about or expanding knowledge on the cognitive, neuro, and learning sciences in both K-12 and higher education
  • Hands-on activities demonstrating the connection between brain and learning sciences
  • An individualized journal of practice containing resources and experiences related to blended and online learning

Note: This workshop is eligible for a digital badge for participants who complete the two workshops in the Neuro, Cognitive and Learning Sciences series. Upon completion of both workshops, participants should contact to notify. A badge will be issued after confirming that all requirements have been met. Please note badges will not be issued for workshops completed prior to 2019.


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Refund Policy
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