Online Nursing Mastery Series

Track : Online Design
Delivery Mode : Asynchronous Workshop
Levels : Beginner,Intermediate
Eligible for Online Teaching Certificate elective : Yes

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The Online Nursing Mastery Series focuses on the knowledge and skills to use multimedia technologies confidently and effectively in the design and teaching of online nursing courses. Through a series of modules, you will explore theories for fostering student engagement through the integration of educational technology. You will explore research and best practices relevant to nurse educators, including how to increase social, cognitive, and teaching presence. You will upgrade your knowledge and skills to transform your online nursing courses into creative, engaging, and motivational courses for your online learners.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss and synthesize the nursing literature regarding online learning theories and best online learning practices
  • Create a multimedia instructional component for your current or future online course
  • Explain the influence of educational technology on social presence, satisfaction, and learning
  • Describe and incorporate into your course the three types of engagement in the online classroom
  • Create and present a final project which incorporates educational technology components based on teaching and learning theories and best practices in the online classroom

Successful participants will receive a PDF certificate of completion and a digital badge of completion via Credly. Please note that badges will not be issued for programs prior to 2018.



One year online teaching experience or New to Online: The Essentials Workshop series

Module Descriptions

Note: Each module is one week long. Between each module, there will be a three-week break to give you time to complete some self-guided research and reflect on your learning.


Online Nursing Mastery I: Using Multimedia Instructional Technology to Foster Faculty-Student Engagement
Online nurse educators need specialized knowledge and skill sets to be able to create a motivational online space that promotes learning. Nursing research provides evidence that educators can enhance content delivery by using interactive multimedia and instructional technology. In this module, you will explore relevant research in learning theory and the basics of electronic learning and begin to redesign an existing online course by incorporating multimedia educational technology to foster faculty and student engagement.


  • Synthesize and discuss the nursing literature regarding online learning, online learning theories and best practices, and the benefits of using educational technology in online nursing classrooms.
  • Create a multimedia instructional component for your current or future online course.


Online Nursing Mastery II: Social Learning Theory and Using Social Media to Enhance Learning
The student’s perception of social presence is a pivotal consideration when creating an effective and satisfying community of online learners. Social presence increases as people and environments appear to be real. In this module, you will explore social learning theory, and how to enhance learning using social media. You will continue to modify your course and apply these concepts by creating a plan for a social-media enhanced virtual discussion and collaboration space.


  • Synthesize and explain social learning theory, the nursing literature regarding the social presence and the influence of educational technology on social presence, satisfaction, and learning.
  • Create a course plan that incorporates a social-media enhanced virtual discussion and collaboration space.


Online Nursing Mastery III: Transform Your Online Nursing Classroom
Throughout the two previous workshops, you explored the literature relative to the value of using multimedia and social media for online teaching. You also practiced using various educational technologies to enhance engagement and learning. In this module, you will put it all together and complete the transformation of your chosen online nursing course by augmenting your lesson plans or modules using several educational technology tools, web-based multimedia, and social media tools.


  • Synthesize theory, knowledge, and skills relative to educational technology and modify course lesson plans accordingly.
  • Create and present a final project that incorporates multimedia and social learning components.


Who should take this series?

  • Nurse educators
  • Instructional designers who support healthcare programs


What are the key takeaways from this series?

  • Perform a critical analysis of nursing course you teach and gain feedback from colleagues and an experienced facilitator
  • Exposure to and training in using various emerging technologies to enhance your teaching
  • Develop a plan for incorporating social media and multimedia into your course


March 2020 Cohort Dates (March 25 - May 13, 2020)

  • Module 1: March 25 - April 1, 2020
  • Reflect and Apply 1: April 2 - 14, 2020
  • Module 2: April 15 - 22, 2020
  • Reflect and Apply 2: April 23 - May 5, 2020
  • Module 3: May 6 - 13, 2020

October 2020 Cohort Dates (October 14 - December 9, 2020)

  • Module 1: October 14 - 21, 2020
  • Reflect and Apply 1: October 22 - November 3, 2020
  • Module 2: November 4 - 11, 2020
  • Reflect and Apply 2: November 12 - December 1, 2020
  • Module 3: December 2 - 9, 2020

$600 for members, $750 for non-members (includes all 3 modules; Workshop Pass coupons may not be used on any Mastery Series program)