Strategies to Foster Digital Fluency for the 21st Century

Track : Online Learners
Delivery Mode : Asynchronous Workshop
Levels : Beginner
Eligible for Online Teaching Certificate elective : Yes


Digital Fluency is the ability to select and leverage appropriate tools and technology to learn, work, and communicate. In the 21st century, digital fluency is necessary to fully participate in both educational settings and also in a society that is becoming increasingly digitized. Today, most of our work and daily tasks require technology; therefore, we need to make sure that learners are prepared to use it wisely. As the digital world evolves, our learners are provided with opportunities to be curators of and contributors to the vast realm of the Internet, but they need to be able to interpret and communicate information effectively. In this workshop, you will explore the importance and role of digital fluency in the digital learning space, assess your current level of digital fluency, and also develop a plan to enhance your own or your students’ digital fluency competencies.


  • Assess current digital fluency skills and competencies
  • Describe the importance of and the role of digital fluency in the digital learning space
  • Create a plan to develop and enhance one's own digital fluency competencies
    Create a plan to develop learners' digital fluency skills


This workshop is a seven day long, asynchronous learning experience beginning on a Monday and ending the following Sunday. Total length of time to completion: 7 days.

Who should attend?

  • Faculty
  • Instructional Designers
  • E-Learning Professionals
  • Librarians

What are the key takeaways from this workshop?

  • A better understanding of 21st century digital skills, digital citizenship, and digital literacy and their importance to teaching and learning
  • Completion of the 21st Century Digital Skills Self-Assessment Inventory to assess your own digital fluency strengths and weaknesses
  • A personalized action plan to grow and develop your 21st century digital fluency skills
    the creation of a learning activity to support the growth and development of your students’ digital fluency skills

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Refund Policy
If you register and pay for a OLC workshop and are unable to enroll (due to personal schedule conflicts, illness, etc), we will be happy to apply your payment to another OLC workshop in the same calendar year upon your written request to No refunds will be given.