Whether it is a customized eLearning training for your organization or an existing program from our expansive curriculum, the OLC Institute for Professional Development can help your organization meet its unique learning goals.

CUSTOMIZED REMOTE WORKSHOP LEARNING PROGRAMWe develop a learning solution for your organization by drawing on our vast resources, including renowned subject matter experts and educators.  Our Institute offerings are designed to model best practices, promote personal engagement, and incorporate practical application into daily teaching and leadership practices.

We start by performing a needs assessment via the following process:

  • Defining your current and emerging learning objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Analyzing your organization’s culture, structure, and confidentiality requirements
  • Determining the best format for the educational experience: in-person, virtual, or a combination of both
  • Considering the budget, location, and accessibility options for your group or team

Choose from our full curriculum and let us tailor the training to suit the specific needs of your institution or organization.  You may also choose a topic of your own, and we will create a specialized program to meet your learning goals. 

Our offerings include:

  • Online, face-to-face, and blended delivery formats designed to fit your organization’s time frame and schedule
  • Renowned faculty, facilitators, and trainers who are subject matter experts as well as skilled in engaging participants and supporting real-world application of learned skills
  • Instructional design and project management support for your educational experience

Face-to-face, online and hybrid blended learning or online learning workshops on topics, including:

  • Best practices in online and blending teaching and learning
  • Faculty engagement
  • Student engagement
  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Quality Scorecard implementation
  • Course review using OSCQR
  • Teaching Online Nursing Courses
  • Customized online teaching certificate programs in English and Spanish
  • On-demand content based on the topic of your choice


The ADA & Web Accessibility Self-Paced Workshop exceeded my expectations, and as I worked my way through the course, I found myself becoming engaged with the content and excited about sharing my findings with other faculty members.  The workshop does an excellent job presenting the concepts in a simple, easily understood way.  In addition, the vast amount of resources provided will definitely help me to work on a plan for improving the accessibility of our online courses.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is interested in learning more about ADA and accessible design principles!

Heather Burke, Online General Education/English Faculty, Hondros College of Nursing ( ADA & Web Accessibility Self-Paced Workshop)