OLC Online Teaching Certificate Foundation Course and Advanced Online Teaching Certificate Program

The Online Teaching Certificate and Advanced Online Teaching Certificate draw on the latest information and research regarding methods, tools, and best practices for teaching in an online or digital environment. With two levels to choose from, you are sure to find the program that aligns with your experience and knowledge in online teaching and learning. 

Online Teaching Certificate (OTC) Pass

Now, OLC is offering savings when you purchase three or more seats for Online Teaching Certificate (foundation course*) or Advanced Online Teaching Certificate.  With OTC Pass, you can save 10% off the regular price! You may choose any combination of foundation and advanced seats with OTC Pass. 

Pricing for Three+ Seats:

OLC Member: (Savings each = $150)

       Regular Price: $1,500 X 3 = $4,500 less 10% = $4,050
       Overall Savings for OLC Members: $450

Non-Member: (Savings each = $185)

       Regular Price: $1,850 X 3 = $5,550 less 10% = $4,995
       Overall Savings for Non-Members: $555

Contact sales@onlinelearing-c.org for more information and to purchase the OTC Pass.

*To complete the whole Online Teaching Certificate Program, you can take your electives and work with your mentor, once you complete the Foundation course successfully.


"I undertook the OLC Teaching Certification during which I palpably grew. I felt it helped me design not only my online course but also to improve my face-to-face courses. I learned to clearly see the link between Learning Objectives - Learning Activities and Assessments. I followed this up a year later with the Advanced Teaching Certification since I had now developed and run my first online course. I was ready to improve it. I learned about increasing student engagement and interactivity in this course and learned to improve the accessibility of my course. I think it is a much better course now and I am proud of it. Thank you OLC instructors!"

Sujata Krishna, Ph.D., Lecturer in Physics, University of Houston-Downtown (Certificate Programs)