For Teachers Moving Online

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives, OLC has heard from K-12 educators that resources are needed to support the transition to remote learning. This is especially true given that in many communities the tools and technology may not be available to support a move to a fully online environment.  As a means of assisting our community with the task of preparing for an effective remote learning environment, we’ve been compiling a list of helpful tools and resources. This is not an all-encompassing collection but is meant to support K-12 educators in this critical time.

The following list focuses on resources for teachers planning to deliver remote or online instruction.

We also invite you to review our other resource collections for faculty and general resources.


Getting Started

Foundational Workshops from OLC

OLC offers a number of professional development courses, both instructor-facilitated and self-paced, that can help instructors and schools get up to speed on essentials and key considerations for online teaching.

Note: The OLC Institute can provide these workshops and others as an on-demand, online offering if you have a minimum of 10 registrants for the workshop. Request an on-demand offering.

boy in green shirt at laptopShared Resources from Our Community

Digital Promise This site has a special COVID FAQ page with resources to support educators moving to online learning. It includes a number of great resources that can be used to educate students on COVID-19.

UNESCO Resources Learn how educators from around the global are handling the move to online learning.

Topical Resources

Planning Instruction

Creating a Digital Classroom Space Certificate  – Earn a continuing education certificate free while learning how to create digital classroom space that works for both you and your students. Learn how to organize your time, use technology tools, and communication tools to manage the online classroom effectively.

ShareMyLesson This is an online community that compiles resources for educators, staff and parents preparing for a move to remote learning. Additionally, Coronavirus resources and learning at home resources for teachers and parents are also provided. You can join the community for free to contribute resources.

5 Tips for Remote Learning This resource provided by ReadWorks provides step by step instructions for creating a remote learning environment (with specific examples using ReadWorks), from setting up a digital class to assigning readings and creating a student library. ReadWorks is free for teachers and schools.

Resources & Tips for Remote Education During School Closures focuses on technologies that can be easy to learn and often free to help educators identify effective solutions.

Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak — Many education technology companies are making their paid services free through the rest of the school year, lifting limits to services, and/or adding premium features to what’s free. The following list will be updated regularly as announcements are made.

How L.A. Unified is delivering instruction This article from the LA Times shared how LA schools are providing instructional content via television.

Free resources  In this blog, Zoom talks about a number of free resources that educators can use to support remote learning. It also includes information on how schools can use Zoom for synchronous learning.

Learning Schedules

How to Support Home Learning in Elementary Grades This Edutopia article presents some guidance and tips from a first grade and second-grade teacher on how to support learning at home and engage the whole family with the student’s learning plan.

Khan Academy Schedules (and resources!) for School closures (free) Khan Academy has put together this great resource of schedules based on a child’s age and school level, with appropriate resources, tips, and media for both students and teachers.

KiwiCo Learning Schedule for Kids at Home (free) An at-home learning schedule from the Kiwi Co. (designed with the help of an elementary school principal) to help create a daily schedule for learning and activities that works for your preferences.

Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility

Accessible Remote Teaching — This guide is intended to help faculty teach in accessible ways during remote teaching situations.

CAST This site provides a number of free learning tools.


Youcubed — A website that provides research based teaching methods, math tasks, videos, and online courses for teachers and students with the goal of reducing math failure and inequality in the United States and beyond.

DESMOS — A collection of unique and engaging digital activities to help students learn math and love learning math. DESMOS  also has a page dedicated to announcements related to COVID-19

Illustrative Mathematics — A blog post from the Illustrative Mathematics team that outlines multiple resources as well as links to other free digital assets for teaching math.

MathGames (free)   Practice math games by skill or grade level, download or create custom math worksheets.

Math Resources Preschool through 5th grade resources curated by Lesley University and the Kentucky Center for Mathematics in English and Spanish.

Museum Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections An extremely comprehensive guide to various eLearning resources and virtual tours provided by museums around the world.

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips A list of virtual field trips provided by museums, national parks, aquariums, and the space program, to name a few.

MetKids (free)   Designed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, this website is dedicated to getting kids engaged in the world of art.

Sites for Hosting Learning Content

Google Classroom (free) A free web service, developed by Google for schools, helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication.

MoodleCloud (free) MoodleCloud is a free version of the Moodle Learning Management system, for up to 50 participants.

Classflow (paid) ClassFlow is an interactive lesson delivery system that aids student and teacher engagement with collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum, and assessments for learning.

Digital Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers (mix of free and paid): An extensive digital resources site where teachers can go to get resources, knowledge, and inspiration created by other teachers from grades PreK through 12.

Free Online Learning Resources for Teaching Your Students Virtually A list of 130+ online resources and websites aimed at K-12 virtual learning.

KiwiCo At-Home Resources for Kids A collection of STEAM resources for PreK kids through 12th grade. Includes a parent toolkit, different activities by age, and a daily DIY theme and associated activities.

Free Online Learning Resources For Schools Affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19 A very comprehensive list of free eLearning resources for schools curated by Tech & Learning editors.

Digital Learning Sites

IXL Learning (paid, with preview version) Personalized learning paths offering math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish skill development online.

Scholastic Learn at Home (free) A free resource from Scholastic with daily projects to keep kids reading.

Khan Academy (free) The Khan Academy resource provides a library of video lessons to help develop skills in math, grammar, science, history, SAT, AP, and much more.

ABCMouse Early Learning Academy (paid) ABCMouse is a full online curriculum for reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, arts/colors for kids ages 2-8. Learners go through a step-by-step personalized learning path based on their skill level and can track their progress along the way.

Adventure Academy Online Learning Program (paid) From the creators of ABCMouse, Adventure Academy is designed for kids ages 8-13, providing an interactive curriculum in language arts, math, science, and social studies.

i-Ready Math and Reading (paid) i-Ready Learning provides personalized online instruction in K-8 math and reading, learning games to help strengthen understanding of concepts and improve fluency, and various instructor tools to help manage student progress.

Learning A-Z (paid) A suite of online applications to help kids in grades K-12 develop their reading skills. 

Storybird (paid, with free content options) A great resource for teachers looking to develop students’ writing and digital citizenship skills through storybook creation.

ReadWriteThink (free) Excellent free resource for all things reading and writing.

Reading IQ (paid) A comprehensive digital library for kids ages 2-12, with over 7000 online books for all reading levels and associated reading level assessments.

Typing Agent (paid) An online application offering online keyboarding lessons and typing games for K-12 schools, digital citizenship lessons, and coding lessons.

Educational Tools Search Sites

The EdSurge Product Index A community-driven database of EdTech products, resources, and websites managed by EdSurge.

Student Engagement

Facilitating Effective Online Discussions  A resource created by Kip Pygman (Illinois Virtual School)  to help online teachers engage students in authentic dialogue while building class community. 

Discussion Board Presentation: A mini-presentation that focuses on some general tips and ends with 4-5 example tools teachers can use to facilitate remote dialogue.

Addressing the Social-Emotional Needs of Remote LearnersWith the rapid switch to providing education in a fully remote format, teachers need to be proactive in making sure that students are getting the social-emotional support they need. This can be challenging. In this recorded webinar, a panel of experts will provide best practices on how you can best meet the needs of your students.

Continuous Improvement 

OSCQR Rubric This rubric can be used by institutions to improve the quality and accessibility of their online course design as compared to best practices. Users can also customize the rubric to better suit their needs.

Quality Course Teaching & Instructional Practice Scorecard (QCTIP) A comprehensive scorecard which can be used for an in-depth review to validate instructional practices as compared to quality standards that have been identified by experts.

Rural Tech Project – A $600,000 challenge to advance rural technology education and prepare students for the careers of today and tomorrow. The U.S. Department of Education invites high schools and local educational agencies to propose technology education programs that use competency-based distance learning.

Quick facts:

  • A challenge for rural educators. The challenge is open to any publicly-funded school or local educational agency serving students in grades 9-12 in rural communities. “Rural” is broadly defined as a non-urban, non-suburban area. An area may be considered rural based on its population density and/or distance from suburban or urban hubs. See the eligibility criteria for further guidance.

  • $600,000 in cash prizes. Up to five finalists will be selected to receive an equal share of the $500,000 Phase 1 cash prize pool. At the conclusion of program implementation, one grand-prize winner will receive an additional $100,000.

  • Two years of ongoing support. From January 2021 through August 2023, finalists will have on-the-ground assistance, expert mentorship, and access to virtual resources as they plan, run, refine, and report on their programs.

  • Deadline. Program proposals are due October 8.

K-12 Podcasts

K-12 Education Podcasts on PlayerFM A list of K-12 podcasts compiled by PlayerFM, updated daily.

Top 10 K-12 Podcasts A selection of 10 different podcasts for K-12 learners.

NPR Kids & Family Podcasts NPR’s podcast directory for kids and families.

NPR Education Podcasts NPR’s podcast directory for educational podcasts, contains a mix of K-12 and higher ed topics.

The Purple Rocket Audio Adventures The Purple Rocket Podcast provides educational audio adventures for kids. Included with the podcast story episode are various resources related to the topic in the story.

Stories Podcast Stories Podcast provides audio episodes of various stories for kids of all ages.

Noodle Load Creative Podcast Geared for kids 3-9 years old and created by a music education specialist, Noodle Loaf provides short episodes where creative fun is encouraged by all listeners.

Teacher Wellness

Ten Strategies for Educators’ Wellbeing The rapid move to remote learning can be just as challenging for educators as it is for their students. In this article, a number of ways educators can balance their personal and professional life and maintain a positive wellbeing.

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