Melissa Vito to Keynote the OLC IDEA Leadership in Digital Learning Luncheon at OLC Accelerate 2019


Heidi Watson-Held and Angela Gunder (OLC IDEA Leadership in Digital Learning Luncheon Committee)

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Dr. Melissa Vito
Dr. Melissa Vito

The OLC IDEA Leadership in Digital Learning Luncheon Committee is proud to announce the keynote speaker for the OLC IDEA Leadership in Digital Learning Luncheon. Dr. Melissa Vito is a lead, speaker, author, storyteller, and Chief Experience Officer for Vito and Associates Consulting.

Until recently, Dr. Vito was senior vice president for student affairs and enrollment management and senior vice provost for academic initiatives and student success at the University of Arizona. In this role she was responsible for envisioning and executing large projects on campus that ultimately reshaped the student experience in online learning. She is currently working in a half-time interim role at the University of Texas-San Antonio as their Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, leading the strategy, development, and implementation of their online programs. She is also working in the private sector where she continues to innovate and move quickly to make changes that meet the needs of all students. Here is what you can expect from her interview:

“I’ve always believed that the true innovation and transformative ideas in higher education require the voices, ideas and experiences of those that seem invisible.   How do we know what working adults need if we don’t actually listen to them? Trends, nuances in what is important to different populations are all invisible unless we seek out the voices of those with diverse characteristics.  Extraordinary leadership demands continually scanning the total environment in which higher ed operates and seeking diverse voices to inform all that we do.”

Dr. Vito’s commitment to building diverse teams and supporting emerging leaders is second to none. Join Dr. Vito and fellow attendees in Orlando to cultivate Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Advocacy that creates unstoppable inclusivity. 

The OLC IDEA Leadership in Digital Learning Luncheon is open to all conference attendees with tickets, available to purchase in advance on the OLC Accelerate 2019 website. We’re delighted to invite you to the luncheon on Thursday, November 21, during the OLC Accelerate 2019 Conference. Grab a group of friends and join us! Time: 12:00pm-1:20pm. Location: Walt Disney World Dolphin, Northern Hemisphere C.  Tickets are $55 for registered attendees, $65 for guests. Purchase your tickets now!

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