Sloan-C partners with online accessibility repository CANnect

Sloan-C has partnered with, the one-stop shop for accessible online courses, videos and webinars hosted free of charge by the Carroll Center for the Blind. CANnect is a consortium of three partner organizations including the Carroll Center, Washington State School for the Blind and The Gibney Family Foundation. The collection currently offers a director of courses featuring accessible online courses like Information Technology Without Walls by EASI (Equal Access to Software Information). Sample courses posted at CANnect also include two Microsoft Excel courses.

We encourage you to join Sloan-C in making online courses around the world more accessible to blind persons and their families sharing your own accessible online course information and materials. If you are visually impaired or are a teacher of the visually impaired, you are encouraged to visit CANnect to see if any of the accessible online courses suit your needs.

If you have questions about this opportunity please email for more information.