The Online Learning Consortium Expands Support for K-12 Educators Teaching Remotely


A new collection of resources for K-12 educators includes OLC workshops that help teachers and schools get up to speed on the essentials and key considerations for online teaching, as well as shared resources from across the OLC community.

BOSTON, Mass. (March 27, 2020) — Among the most fundamental needs K-12 educators have identified right now is a greater understanding of how they can be most effective when teaching remotely. In an effort to help address this need, the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) has called upon its community of online and distance learning experts to offer resources and guidance for the K-12 community. As a result, OLC today introduced a collection of Resources for K-12 Educators Teaching Remotely, to support K-12 educators in this critical time

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives, OLC has heard from K-12 educators that resources are needed to support the transition to remote learning,” said Jennifer Mathes, Ph.D., Interim Chief Executive Officer for OLC. “This is especially true given that in many communities the tools and technology may not be available to support a move to a fully online environment. To assist with the task of preparing for an effective remote learning environment, we’ve compiled this collection of tools and resources that we hope will offer some help to those teachers and schools who need it.”

Among the resources are a half-dozen foundational workshops from OLC that help teachers and schools get up to speed on the essentials and key considerations for online teaching. 

There are also shared resources from across the OLC community, a list of upcoming events, including a free webinar on April 3, titled, Addressing the Social-Emotional Needs of Remote Learners, and a wide range of resources organized by the following topics:

  • Planning Instruction
  • Learning Schedules
  • Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility
  • STEM
  • Museum Resources
  • Sites for Hosting Learning Content
  • Digital Resources
  • Digital Learning Sites
  • Educational Tools Search Sites
  • Student Engagement
  • Continuous Improvement
  • K-12 Podcasts
  • Teacher Wellness

For OLC’s complete collection of Resources for K-12 Educators Teaching Remotely, visit

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