TIEC & OLC join forces to boost online learning

thepienews.com | July 27, 2020 - The Texas International Education Consortium — representing a group of 31 Texas universities –is joining forces with the Online Learning Consortium to offer online learning support and to ensure quality distance education to students in the midst of the pandemic.

TIEC and the OLC have established a memorandum of understanding as a framework for cooperation in order to promote continuity of education, international development and capacity-building programs, and facilitate cross-institutional engagement for the enhancement of their programs.

“TIEC and OLC are committed to promoting global standards for online and digital learning”

“By working with the Online Learning Consortium, we are able to bring a wealth of online learning expertise to our projects and partners overseas,” said Heather Farmakis, chief learning officer at TIEC.

“Together, we can further leverage and extend the expertise of TIEC and its member universities and enhance the overall quality of our programs.”

The two organizations will work with foreign ministries of education and universities abroad to train faculty and administrators on the tools and best practices to make online learning successful.

“During this time of unprecedented disruption for students around the world, TIEC and OLC are committed to promoting global standards for online and digital learning,” said Jennifer Mathes, chief executive officer, OLC.

“Through our partnership, we look forward to exploring additional opportunities that leverage our combined resources and expertise in support of the global digital learning community.”

SOURCE: thepienews.com