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Accelerate to Success with the OLC Scorecard: See how one institution used the OLC Scorecard to drive quality improvements. Baker Online utilized the expertise of the OLC reviewers to avoid speeding and pay attention to critical road signs, ultimately learning that quality is not a destination but an ongoing journey. 


Having worked in higher education for many years, teaching and learning are my passions. I have enjoyed a long career in higher education at Baker College, a multiple campus, nonprofit college system geographically located within Michigan, but serving a global student population with our online campus. I have experience in a variety of roles associated with teaching, student services, and leadership. Most recently I provided leadership and oversight to multiple programs as the Dean of Health Sciences, and am now currently the Director for Business and Health Service programs at Baker College Online. I have extensive experience in working with faculty and students, as well as curriculum development, program development, and accreditation processes. Although my educational background is rooted in Biology and Biochemistry, my love for teaching and learning has motivated me to pursue my Doctoral Degree in Higher Education Leadership, which I hope to complete during the upcoming academic year.

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Extended Abstract

Within the higher education landscape, there is no doubt that the demand for accountability and quality measures is increasing.  As a result, institutions must proactively seek out opportunities to assess and evaluate their offerings, and identify strategies for improvement. The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is recognized as the foremost expert and the leading professional organization regarding quality online learning. The OLC Scorecard is an extremely valuable tool institutions can use to assess and improve their online programs. The Scorecard has nice performance categories, including:

  1. Institutional Support
  2. Technology Support
  3. Course Development and Instructional Design
  4. Course Structure
  5. Teaching and Learning
  6. Social and Student Engagement
  7. Faculty Support
  8. Student Support
  9. Evaluation and Assessment

The nine performance categories encompass 75 specific quality criteria that can be evaluated to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an online institution or program. The Scorecard can be used internally to help drive strategic planning. The Scorecard can also be used as an external audit to identify specific strategies and tactics that will support quality improvements, as well as allow an institution to align with industry best practices.

Baker Online began the Scorecard review process in 2014 and by 2016 had learned a great deal about how to implement and utilize the Scorecard to gain maximum benefits.  While taking a few wrong turns, and occasionally speeding toward an unknown destination, the College was able to use the review process to gain better understanding of strengths associated with their online campus, as well as identify specific changes that could improve operations.

Institutions interested in quality metrics, industry benchmarking, continuous improvement and/or strategically improving their online programs would benefit from learning more about the OLC Scorecard.