Technology Test Kitchen Iron Chef Battle - Heat 3

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

In this renaissance of emerging technology, being able to craft a killer recipe for engagement on the fly is an invaluable skill.  Join us for some fiery pedagogical competition in the Technology Test Kitchen Iron Chef Battles!  

In a zesty combo of popular TV cooking competition shows (Iron Chef, Chopped, etc.), we’re pairing exhibitors and educators into teams to battle for bragging rights over who can create the most exciting new recipe for technology. We’ll be holding four qualifying heats in the TTK with a high-energy finale on Friday at the end of the conference.

Join our 4 teams in Heat #3 as they battle for a spot in the Friday morning Iron Chef Battle final!

  1. Personalized Learning:  Dora Donovan (Northern Arizona University), Jeannie Copley (Northern Arizona University), Allison Pendergast (Acrobatiq)
  2. The Lebowski Achievers:  Rich Edwards (Ball State University), Chris Turvey (Ball State University), Ben Ranfeld (Ball State University), Jane Esco (Canvas)
  3. The Wildcats:  Melody Buckner (University of Arizona), Venessa Ball (University of Arizona), Michael Griffith (University of Arizona), George Haines (VoiceThread)
  4. M-Power:  Molly Mead (UMKC), Melissa Messina (UMKC), Lara Mabry (UMKC), Deb Meester (Atomic Learning)