Developing mobile course apps at scale

Concurrent Session 4

Brief Abstract

Students are increasingly mobile, however, institutions of all sizes are increasingly challenged to keep pace. This session focuses on how Mirum helps universities scale their mobile presence.


Phil Ice is the Chief Learning Officer for Mirum Learning. He is responsible for platform envisioning / architecture, solution development, institutional and corporate relationships, and management of learning architecture activities. Prior to joining Mirum, Phil was with APUS, UNCC, and WVU. His work has focused on emerging technologies and large scale data, for which he has received numerous awards and grants over the years.
Lorenzo has over 20 years of technology, marketing and business development experience. Lorenzo manages the design, development and deployment of interactive mobile solutions, digital marketing solutions, and advanced marketing technology implementations.



Extended Abstract

Students live their lives digitally. The majority of their access to the internet and social interactions take place via mobile devices. However, learning is still stuck in traditional browser-based modalities. Institutions of all sizes are struggling with how to scale their mobile presence to meet the demand posed by their students. However, technical and financial barriers have kept most initiatives to pilot level projects. Join Mirum to explore how we help universities and corporate trainers to rapidly expand their mobile presence and provide ubiquitous, dynamic experiences to learners across all devices.