How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Transforming Higher Education

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

Learn about the latest in VR / AR cutting edge technology and how these solutions are transforming Higher ED.


Lorenzo has over 20 years of technology, marketing and business development experience. Lorenzo manages the design, development and deployment of interactive mobile solutions, digital marketing solutions, and advanced marketing technology implementations.



Extended Abstract

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality (VR/AR) are already transforming how we live, work, play and very importantly how learn and teach. The hardware and software that power VR/AR have reached critical mass and are being used across all sectors of the economy. Higher ED is already taking advantage of these technologies to radically transform how students engage and learn. From general education to advanced sciences to vocation training, 3D video, Augmented Reality and fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences are enabling students to be visually and tactically immersed in what they are learning and to practice advanced concepts in a virtual space. Lorenzo is very passionate about this topic and will present both his own research and experience as well as those from several experts on VR/AR in Higher ED. The presentation will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of how these technologies are reshaping Higher ED, provide real world examples of how Higher ED is using these technologies today, and offer predictions for future applications.