Above And Beyond HEOA Compliance - Online Proctoring and the Digital Age (REPEAT SESSION)

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

Learn about the pros and cons of online proctoring and identity verification platforms for compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). This presentation will help you decide on a method that works best for your institution.

***Note:  This is a repeat presentation of ProctorU's Wednesdsay 1:00pm National Sponsor Presentation session*** 



Extended Abstract

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires institutions receiving Title IV funding to verify the identities in distance education programs by using at least one of three very different methods:

  1. A secure login and password
  2. Proctored examinations
  3. Other technologies and practices which are effective in verifying student identification

Over the past five years, online proctoring and identity verification platforms have evolved to include numerous offerings. These offerings each have their pros and cons, as well as impact on HEOA compliance and this presentation will outline options available to institutions and, by the end, attendees should be able to decide on a method that will work for them.