Creating a Workshop Catalog for Online Instructors

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

See how the University of South Florida created a series of workshops to cultivate the technical and teaching skills of its online instructors. In this session, we will review the workshop catalog in full, discuss delivery formats, and provide critical tips for creating your own workshop catalog.  



Lindsey holds a Master of Education Degree in Instructional Technology from University of South Florida. Since 2003 he has developed and supported hundreds of courses at USF and spearheaded key initiatives including the selection and implementation of a university wide online proctoring solution. He currently leads the Training and Support team.

Extended Abstract

See how the University of South Florida (USF) created a comprehensive workshop catalog to develop the skills of its online instructors. Sessions within the catalog include Online Accessibility for the Benefit of All, Mobile Learning for the Anytime Learner, Online Academic Integrity, and many more. Understanding that technical training and skill development are not a “one size fits all” approach, workshops are offered as classroom-based or fully online formats.  

Participants in this sessions will: 

  • Learn how USF survey over 600 instructors to verify their interests, challenges, and preferences to determine the specific workshop topics within the catalog 
  • Review the each of the topics within workshop catalog (10 total), what sessions instructors preferred, and other feedback points   
  • See what tools we used for registrations, evaluations, and other administrative functions
  • Learn which workshops are facilitated “in-class”, “fully online” (asynchronous), or both to provide instructors with choice

  • Gain tips, time savers, and strategies to create your own workshop catalog for your instructors