Quick and Dirty instructional web site creation

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

This workshop will present some unique functionality of MERLOT, the manner in which ithe system and its community fit into the world of "openness," how instructors can develop shareable course ePortfolios and specifically how the MERLOT Content Builder can be used to build OER's that contribute to institutional missions.


Barbra has been with MERLOT for over 20 years serving as a consultant, webmaster and for the past 12 years, Manager of Technical Services.
Sorel Reisman, President Emeritus of the IEEE Computer Society, Managing Director of the international, higher education consortium MERLOT.ORG, Professor of Information Systems at California State University Fullerton. Fulbright OER Specialist. Standing Committee Chair of IEEE COMPSAC Conference.

Extended Abstract

This workshop provides an overview of MERLOT functionality, how to locate OER's and create a web page or web site using the MERLOT Content Builder. The MERLOT Content Builder is a free webpage and website development tool, integrated into MERLOT, that allows users to build instructional websites that can be integrated into other web based applications such as LMS's or be standalone. 

While the demand for the MERLOT Content Builder continues to grow over the years since it was inherited from the Carnegie Foundation and integrated into MERLOT 10 years ago, the system has continued to improve functional and usability standpoint. More recently, the MERLOT development team undertook a redesign project that culminated in an even newer look for the web development tool.  In this workshop, participants will create a web pages and a website using the Content Builder and learn how to add images, video and text, all hosted by MERLOT. MERLOT, being a strong proponent of Creative Commons, has integrated CC licensing functionality into the Content Builder.  Users will learn the principles of Creative Commons licensing, ways in which to be utilize CC licensing in their Content Builder websites. Participants will understand how to download their web pages and web sites as a Common Cartridge or HTML file.