Grow Your Own Instructional Designer

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Many universities utilize a centralized model of instructional design support; however, some universities use a decentralized model, providing instructional design support to the faculty in one college. This session will cover the creation of the position and the first two years for the OSU Spears School of Business instructional designer.


Marisa Dye is an instructional designer for the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. She earned her master’s degree in Educational Technology from OSU in 2014. She primarily helps professors increase the quality of their online courses through the implementation of research-based best practices for engagement. Additionally, she supports faculty in increasing engagement in their flipped face-to-face courses. Previously, Marisa taught high school English, Speech, and Business Information Technology. Prior to her teaching post, she worked in multimedia journalism and owned her own business.

Extended Abstract

The Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business has been providing distance courses for 25 years. The college has its own dedicated online learning department facilitating the delivery of online, flipped, and hybrid courses. As the number of degrees and certificates offered completely online has risen over the years, then office has added more support staff for assisting faculty with exams, video production, and graduate assistants.

In 2015, the Online Learning office convened an Online Faculty Task Force to determine what resources were needed to improve the quality of online course offerings. One recommendation from the task force was to hire an instructional designer dedicated only to the Business School.

While the campus has an Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence that provides faculty support campus-wide, the task force determined that a Business School Instructional Designer was necessary to meet the unique needs of the (mostly tenured) business faculty teaching online, blended, and flipped courses.

In this this session, you will learn about the journey of the first two years of an Instructional Designer in a newly created position. We had to answer the questions:

  1. What specific duties should be included in this position?
  2. What existing tasks in the Online Learning Office should be delegated to the instructional designer?
  3. Which and how many faculty can one instructional designer support?
  4. What professional development does the ID need to provide to faculty and GA’s?
  5. Should the instructional designer assist in content creation?
  6. How will the progress of the instructional designer be evaluated?