Game Based Learning and Assessment: Exploring User Data and Success

Concurrent Session 2

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Brief Abstract

Game-based learning can help increase student engagement and internal student motivation as well as excite students about seemingly pedestrian learning objectives. This presentation will explore learner data from a Hiring Process game enticing students to learn competencies tied to Career Search objectives. Learner data is examined to identify links between GBL consumption and assessment success.


Former faculty member in communication and college administrator. Currently applying those skills in the teaching and learning discipline of online learning.
Experienced higher education administrator pertaining to Admissions and Academic Advising, particularly with online environments. Currently utilizing these skills to develop, train and enhance the learning and educational experience for both educators and learners via an online platform.

Extended Abstract

This presentation will explore the connection between Game Based Learning and assessment scores.  In the Career Development “Choose Your Adventure” style of game, learners play the role of a hiring manager who can select different potential employees based on various attributes.  The game asks the learner to weigh attributes, details, and profiles in the learning environment of the game. Content within the specific competency based education course helps to prepare students with the knowledge to successfully navigate the game. Theoretically, students learn though doing as they make their selections based on the information that they have learned. 


The presentation will also go over user data to make comparisons between users who played the game (to varying levels) and users who did not. 


The hypothesis is that users who play through the game score higher on the assessments. 

The presentation has four major parts:

1.      Exploration of the GBL as a learning tool for the Competency Based Education course on Career Development.

2.      Exploration of the data of student learners and an examination of their success rate both with and without the GBL experience.

3.      Demonstration of the GBL experience

4.      Examination of conclusions based on the data of the GBL experience and how it impacts the assessment scores.

There will be opportunities to discuss other potential learning applications (beyond Career studies) as well as explore future opportunities for GBL in online learning.

This presentation would benefit an audience that seeks to explore the link between GBL and direct assessment as it pertains to learning objectives.  While the presentation seeks to apply itself to higher education, fundamentals can be applied to K-12 as well as other environments where learning/training takes place.