Using Light Boards to Enhance Learning Outcomes

Concurrent Session 7

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Leveraging light board videos is an effective strategy to enhance student understanding of concepts and to support hybrid and online course development.  This session will share experiences and strategies in using light boards in the curriculum and to support attendees’ effective application to their own courses.


Dr. Ricco has been teaching for over 11 years at the undergradute, MBA, and EMBA levels. He teaches primarily the strategic management, global strategy, and marketing management subjects. Dr. Ricco has over 30 years' experience in the corporate world, most of which was in international leadership roles. and continues to consult on strategy, strategic alliances, and business development. Ricco has been experimenting with a variety of technology-based pedagogy enhancements throughout his higher education career.

Extended Abstract

Teaching Implications

Leveraging light board technology and methods contribute to effective pedagogy/andragogy by presenting concepts and models in an original format that is informative, illustrative, and targeted at the specific topic and/or course intended. Learning objectives achieved in such courses include enhanced understanding of the concepts presented, customization to the course it is applied to, and enhanced student engagement. The light board lecture/presentation is a universal and affordable process to teach a broad spectrum of topics, and especially those that are enhanced via visual models or constructs. The model is especially applicable in engaging students in a different way with theoretical foundations. Light board pedagogy advances the teaching discipline through meaningful and customized learning that is leveraging newer technology and meeting the student where they are…online.

Session Description and Plan

The proposed session outline is as follows:

  • Light board example.
  • Discussion on why light boards should be used and what are the advantages to the students and the faculty member.  
  • How the presenter has applied them and what works well.
  • Feasibility of light board hardware construction or purchase at your institution.
  • Considerations in staging and planning light board lectures/presentations.
  • Student reactions/feedback thus far, with preliminary data.
  • Highly interactive dialogue on how to incorporate light boards into the audience members’ specific courses, timing, etc.
  • General questions and answers.
  • Suggested resources to move your implementation forward.   

Session Outcomes

This session will provide participants with an understanding of:

  • How light boards may be created
  • Designing and delivering the message
  • Integration into curriculum or course design
  • Practical examples
  • Ideas for applying it to their own courses