Too Many Resources, Too Little Time

Concurrent Session 2

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

With the growth in available resources, online faculty are left to decide which ones to include in the classroom. We will review our project on uncluttering the online classroom. We will discuss our journey from over-resourced courses to ones that provide meaningful direction and focus for the students. 


Donna Gregory is an Assistant Professor of Nursing here at Utica College. Donna began her nursing career as a second degree student, earning a BS in Nursing at SUNY Binghamton following a BA in Biology from Ithaca College. She then continued on to a Masters in Nursing with a specialization in Women’s Health and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Old Dominion University. Donna has practiced as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner since 2007, particularly enjoying working in clinics that serve vulnerable and underserved populations. While she does love seeing patients, she has found her true passion in educating the next generation of nurses. Her current research interests are focused on how faculty can increase their positive engagements with students in online settings, which is the topic that she will present on today.

Extended Abstract

This educational session will focus on the importance of careful course design and resource selection in the student experience. We will discuss types of available resources and the difficulty faculty can encounter when designing courses and selecting resources.  After reviewing student feedback on the course resources, we will walk the audience through our process to de-clutter our courses. This includes determining student outcomes, prioritizing resource need, and creating meaningful use of course resources. The audience will be engaged when discussing available resources and explore options for meaningful use.