Capitalizing on a 5 Minute Micro-Lesson

Concurrent Session 7

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Take 5 minutes out of your day to brush up on a skill or learn a new technique.  Taking the concept of the 5-minute online micro lesson, capitalize on student engagement by incorporating a blended learning, active experience to practice and incorporate key strategies to implement the 5-minute online lesson.


Gena Leisten has extensive experience as a Project Manager, Director, and Online Education Consultant in the education field. Ms. Leisten has her BS in Education and has been involved in academia for the last 20 years. Ms. Leisten is responsible for managing DW’s subscription-based course offerings for adult and youth learners, totaling over 125 eLearning courses, corresponding facilitator’s notes and transferrable activity guides in 2016 and 2017 alone. She is excited to be a part of the OLC Accelerate conference.

Extended Abstract

During this session, participants will be excited to learn about the newest ground breaking online learning strategy; micro-learning.  Micro-learning consists of taking a knowledge concept and breaking it into small, manageable chunks, ideally 5 minutes or less.  Micro-learning is a relatively new learning strategy that helps to close skills and knowledge gaps. Think small snippets of information for a skill or idea presented in a way to minimize distractions and other content that might not be necessary for the skill or job at hand. The internet has changed the way we think and learn. We are now able to get information we seek almost instantaneously. Research has shown that the adult brain typically has an attention span of ten minutes. This means that we need to keep our training short and to the point to capture and keep the adult learner’s attention.

This innovative approach helps individuals maintain their focus on details and information due to the short span of content. Participants will understand that by using this approach, it allows individuals to give their undivided attention to the lesson content.  Learners find it easy to retain information and are happy to engage since the segment of information is not daunting, intense or overwhelming. Participants will be exposed to the amazing amount of quality information that can be absorbed in short micro-learning lessons. 

Participants will learn about micro-learning and view a micro-learning lesson example.  Lists of potential topics that are conducive to the micro-learning style will be shared and audience participation will result in additional topics of interest from the group.  After some collaboration, participants will take part in a blended learning lesson that incorporates participant interaction and engagement during topic instruction.  This will be facilitated by large group interaction; small group involvement as well as partner exercises.  Taking the idea shown and discussed in the 5-minute micro-lesson, participants will learn how to capitalize on student interest and engagement.

Participants will enjoy a student learning lesson with collaboration of fun activities that enhance the knowledge that was shared in the 5-minute micro online course.  What better way to hit home the details of the lesson then by doing interactive activities with others?  Participants will be actively engaged while learning about this valuable and new innovative trend in online learning.

Participants will learn:

  • What micro-learning consists of
  • The benefits of micro-learning vs. traditional “training”
  • Why the online industry is turning to micro-learning
  • How to use blended learning to enhance an online lesson
  • Strategies to immerse the learner in hands on opportunities for more enriched learning
  • How to create a community of learners through their shared experience
  • Advantages of participating in learning scenarios
  • Techniques to transfer knowledge learned in a micro lesson to practical application

Participant Take-a-ways:

  • PPT slides of presentation
  • List of potential micro-learning topics
  • Activity guide or lesson plan as a sample for use in the classroom
  • Infographic with stats showing the benefits of micro-learning

Participants will walk away invigorated with fresh ideas on how to create a succinct lesson that is short, meaningful and impactful to the learning.  With the attention on content, participants will know how to expand the micro-lesson idea and incorporate ideas with their learners.