Scaling Innovation: Expanding Faculty’s Online Pedagogical Repertoire

Concurrent Session 2

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

How do you deliver high-quality resources across seven campuses to inspire faculty to implement inclusive design and expand their online pedagogical repertoire? Come learn how Indiana University is leveraging an innovative Course Design Showcase and Teaching Online Series to equip faculty with accessible, customizable, and just-in-time opportunities for online teaching.

Extended Abstract

How do you deliver high-quality resources that inspire faculty to implement inclusive design and expand their online pedagogical repertoire? Our challenge involves working with faculty across seven campuses in a university-wide mission to reshape the online learning landscape. At Indiana University, we are sharing strategically designed resources which serve as the building blocks to ensure the ultimate goal of successful student learning.

Research reveals that faculty spend much of their time on administrative tasks and their personal discipline-specific research interests, leaving little time for professional development in teaching learning. Many higher education faculty receive little or no training in general classroom pedagogy, much less pedagogy related specifically to online teaching. Indiana University, recognizing the need for greater faculty development support in online instruction, is leveraging an innovative Course Design Showcase and Teaching Online Series to provide faculty with easily accessible, just-in-time resources to promote high-quality instruction in online learning. Both resources are accessed through the University’s learning management system, Canvas, and available to anyone as an open educational resource (OER).

The Teaching Online Series is a professional development course focused on research-based practices for designing and teaching online classes.  With 11 modules, the Teaching Online Series can be completed in its entirely either as a self-paced or facilitated course, or each module can be used as a standalone topic. The goal of the Teaching Online Series is to increase faculty’s knowledge of key online development and delivery topics and includes activities that encourage practitioners to reflect instructional practices in their own teaching. The Teaching Online Series is fully customizable so that any school, department, or program can augment the series with their existing faculty professional development model.

Equally innovative, the Indiana University’s Canvas Showcase is a collection of universally-designed graphics; accessible templates for syllabi, home pages and modules; and other instructional materials. Showcase elements guide faculty in best practices for online teaching and learning. Faculty can opt to download the customizable module elements individually or the Showcase in its entirety into their own course sites to provide a jumpstart with course building.  The “grab and go” model enables faculty to readily import high-quality online course elements to enhance the student user experience.

Through the Teaching Online Series and Canvas Showcase, Indiana University is accelerating the development and delivery of quality online courses and programs. Learn how these faculty solutions are creating new spaces and promising practices as faculty rethink existing approaches to online teaching and learning.  Come reimagine the professional development opportunities and resources which provide ease of access, meet inclusive design guidelines, and provide key  online instructional design pedagogies.