Dude! Where Do I Start? - Creating a Starting Point Within Your LMS

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

In this session we will go over 5 tips on incorporating a landing page as the central point to your online courses. Landing pages can not only be visually appealing, but useful in navigating the most important aspects of your course.


Alana received her B.A. in English Literature, and her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida. She's been designing e-learning since 2012 and has been an Instructional Designer at the University of South Florida for almost two years. Alana enjoys seeing an entire course through the cycle, from conception to execution, and also creating innovative learning objects for students.

Extended Abstract

It has been debated that all students need when they open their online course is a list of modules, however, how do they know where to start? Where to get important/required information? Having a home/landing page within your LMS with quick link access to the most important points of focus in your course can only set students up for success. This is particularly helpful to students new to online education and to students taking multiple online courses because all courses are structured and built differently. In this session, we'll go over 5 reasons a landing page can benefit not only your course, but your students.