Accessible Syllabus Training

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Brief Abstract

The Accessible Syllabus Training will demonstrate and teach attendees the 8 key steps towards creating an accessible digital syllabus for their course. At the end of the session attendees will have a fully accessible syllabus document in Word format and learn how to create an accessible PDF from their Word syllabus as well. We recommend attendees to BYOD - Bring Your Own Device and BYOS - Bring Your Own Syllabus (Microsoft Word format) to gain the most out of our express workshop.


Parishweta Bhatt is a Senior Instructional Designer at Austin Peay State University with a special interest in ensuring instruction materials are accessible to users of all abilities.

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Extended Abstract

Increasingly, instructors continue to employ digital course materials in their online, hybrid, or even face-to-face courses. The goal of this session is to train instructors in evaluating and developing a fully accessible, digital syllabi for their course/s. We focus on digital syllabi as it is usually the first instructional material in any course to be distributed to students. Attendees will be able to:

  1. Apply the 8 step process to evaluate and create an accessible syllabus
  2. Learn and use automatic tools to check syllabus accessibility and correct common errors
  3. Gain access to training resources/tutorials to create a fully accessible syllabus

We recommend attendees to "BYOD - Bring Your Own Device" and "BYOS - Bring Your Own Syllabus" (Microsoft Word format) to gain the most out of our express workshop.