VR & Online Learning – An Educational Revolution

Concurrent Session 3
OLC Session

Brief Abstract

Learn more about how VR and online learning can be used to create an innovative classroom setting in this session with the Founder and CEO of VIVEDU, an educational arm of HTC.


Founder / CEO of VIVEDU, an educational arm of HTC. With strong and exclusive support from HTC, VIVEDU has launched the world’s very first VR education solution, allowing 30 students to simultaneously use VIVE for VR learning in an innovative classroom setting. VIVEDU is also a leading platform for educational VR courseware and applications, with penetration into hundreds of Chinese colleges and universities. Dr. Sun is the founder / Professor / former Dean of the School of Software at Beihang University, China's 'Caltech' that recruits the top 0.1% of students from the National College Entrance Examination. He is also a successful angel investor, as hundreds of his invested companies founded by his students have passed series A round financing, and some of them are now even valued over 10 billion RMB. Dr. Sun received his PhD degree from the University of Illinois in Computer Science.

Extended Abstract