VoiceThread: Presentations, Assessments, No Flash, oh my!

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Brief Abstract

VoiceThread never stands still. Come see what's new and exciting for your on-demand learning. New features for presentations, assessments and student engagement.


Lisa has been in Higher Ed Administration for over 20 years. In the classroom as both instructor and trainer, Lisa's focus is on engagement, retention and communication; all are keys to achieving academic success.
George is the Instructional Designer and Online Educator at VoiceThread. He is a former Instructional Designer on the higher education level and a former K-12 teacher. He is an advocate of global collaborations, student-centered lesson design, online learning, formative assessment and breaking down the walls of the classroom.

Extended Abstract

VoiceThread never stands still. Feature upgrades are a result of our desire to keep it simple and yet allow for VoiceThread to be customized to meet the needs of your classroom. Join us for an overview of VoiceThread and a walk through of what's new.

Modernized technology means no more flash! Updated technology means more options to customize your VoiceThread, mobile app enhancements, and expanded space for student content!

Accessibility options in an expanded variety of ways! Plus a preview of what's in the works...