Teach Large Populations of Students as Effectively as 1 to 1

Brief Abstract

Far from depersonalizing education, CogBooks provides teachers with powerful tools which deepen relationships with their students. CogBooks personalization means that it can teach large student cohorts as effectively as 1-to-1, and at a lower cost per student. CogBooks' technology outperforms traditional teaching methods and the use of big data analytics and AI optimization continues to enhance student outcomes and teacher satisfaction.


At CogBooks we are committed to transforming the way teachers teach and students learn, by applying science-based methods to education. Through our unique advanced adaptive learning technologies, we are changing the way secondary and further education students learn. We believe our technology will define the next generation of education, empowering teachers and institutions like never before.

Extended Abstract

CogBooks will introduce you to it's advanced adaptive learning platform that has ready made courseware and/or the ability to build your own courses and programs. CogBooks powerful adaptive tools have shown to increase student outcomes and reduce attrition by creating personalized and engaging courses that provide instructors data insights and institutional level analytics.