This Is Not Your Father's Oldsmobile

Brief Abstract

Tired of the same old because it's the same and it's old? See how Acrobatiq's new and innovative platform and analytics enable instruction designers and educators to collaboratively develop interactive, adaptive and engaging eLearning experiences that track which concepts students are mastering, and where they are struggling on The Learning Dashboard. Use learning data to quickly see at-risk students and design more effective learning interventions so more students stay on track to complete courses and degrees.


Eric is passionate about finding ways to pair great teachers and smart technology to help every student realize their fullest potential. He has worked in executive roles at Cengage and Pearson and was co-founder and President of Flat World Knowledge, the world’s first commercial higher education open textbook publishing company. Flat World Knowledge raised over $30 million in venture capital and has over 3,000 faculty and 500,000 student users. Eric is a frequent speaker on innovation in education, and his work to make education more accessible and affordable while maintaining quality has been widely covered in media outlets including the New York Times, Wired, US News & World Report, Fast Company, NPR, Time, and others. Eric is an advisor to the non-profit Center for Education Technology in Tel-Aviv.

Extended Abstract