The New & Improved SmarterProctoring Proctoring Management System

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

If you are researching the latest and greatest proctoring software, this session is for you! Join us to see the newly released SmarterProctoring - the only complete proctoring solution that organizes and manages all proctoring tasks and accommodates all modalities of proctoring including virtual, attended, unattended, and access to our database of proctors and testing centers.

Extended Abstract

Are you investigating different proctoring solutions to meet the evolving needs of your students and faculty? Are you tired of having to choose between one method or the other? SmarterProctoring is the only complete solution on the market that accommodates multiple modalities while organizing and managing all proctoring tasks. In addition to our proctoring and testing centers database and attended virtual proctoring, we now offer unattended proctoring. Join us to see the newly released SmarterProctoring! It has been rebuilt and includes an intuitive interface that conveniently houses all of the proctoring tasks on a dashboard. It allows schools to customize their offerings to include multiple options, proctor instructions, accommodations, and/or proctor approvals. We are the one stop shop for proctoring. Don't miss out on this walk-through of our new and improved proctoring solution. Be a part of our big announcement about proprietary, patent-pending technology that will change the future landscape of proctoring.