Closing the Skills Gap: Leveraging Best Practices in HR to Prepare Students with Stronger Professional Readiness

Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

Today’s employers try to determine employee fit by assessing a person’s “soft skills.” This session explores a new online tool that incorporates the two most common methods employers use to measure these competencies, combining these methods with soft skills development videos into a platform to help students increase professional readiness.


Mark Musacchio is Senior Director of Sales, PSI Education. For the past 12 years, Mark has worked with countless educators in higher education and certification organizations to help them with their assessment challenges. With a focus on customer experience, he works closely with senior leadership and account management to ensure quality and excellence throughout the customer lifecycle.

Extended Abstract

Are you ready to help close the skills gap?

PSI is the global leader in strategic talent measurement, helping organizations unify their hiring, retention, development, and leadership programs. More and more, companies are trying to assess an individual’s soft skills or noncognitive abilities in order to determine the right organizational and culture fit. This session will cover best practices from industry and how to incorporate those methods to help your students increase their professional readiness.

Explore technology to help students of all ages become more self-aware, strengthen their foundational development, and align themselves to different roles and career areas in their communities. PSI’s Am I Job Ready system helps individuals make connections from their knowledge and experience to the essential skills sought after by today’s employers. Most importantly, the platform empowers institutions to report on measureable learning outcomes for soft skill proficiency.

As a session attendee, you will learn what companies are doing today, and how schools are engaging partner employers to create more alignment with student efforts. You will leave with a better understanding of online tools to increase student engagement, market your programs, and help close the skills gap through stronger professional readiness.