Enhancing Mobile Learning

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

Delivering dynamic, interactive content, that can be accessed equally across the desktop and mobile, has proven challenging for virtually all institutions. This session focuses on use cases in which digital tools were leveraged to create vibrant learning environments in a highly scalable, pedagogically driven manner. 


Phil Ice is the Chief Learning Officer for Mirum Learning. He is responsible for platform envisioning / architecture, solution development, institutional and corporate relationships, and management of learning architecture activities. Prior to joining Mirum, Phil was with APUS, UNCC, and WVU. His work has focused on emerging technologies and large scale data, for which he has received numerous awards and grants over the years.
Lorenzo has over 20 years of technology, marketing and business development experience. Lorenzo manages the design, development and deployment of interactive mobile solutions, digital marketing solutions, and advanced marketing technology implementations.

Extended Abstract

Achieving rich mobile at scale is a problem confronting all institutions involved in distance education. This presentation illustrates how institutions can move well beyond the traditional tools available to them and create innovative, interactive mobile experiences through the development of enterprise deployments. Though this solution requires significant back-end work, it allows faculty and instructional designers to develop mobile solutions with little more than drag and drop functionality. For instructional designers and faculty who are inclined to create interactive content that can be consumed across a variety of devices, especially mobile, the availability of suitable technologies proves problematic. Many educational technologies have a tendency to be overly simplistic and lack robustness found in their commercial counterparts. However, despite the simplicity of these tools, when interacting with technology faculty tend to revert to novice status. For institutions that want to develop robust learning experiences, that leverage the rapidly expanding mobile market, these factors are highly problematic. This presentation will focus on how several institutions have developed enterprise level solutions that allowed faculty and designers to create high impact, interactive course apps through a process with a very low learning curve.