Gamify Your Formative Assessments with GooseChase Virtual Scavenger Hunts!

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Brief Abstract

In this session, attendees will experience engaging challenges that require real-world application of knowledge, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Best practices for design and implementation, and sample games for multiple subjects will be shared. Teachers can also network for more game sharing in the future.


Frances Karels is the author of Excellent Online Science Teaching: Effective Strategies for a Successful Semester, published by the Part-Time Press. She has been teaching college science courses for over 14 years and in 2014, won a teaching excellence award from NISOD. Karels has developed curriculum for blended and fully online science courses and presented at TxDLA and NISOD on best practices in online science teaching. She serves as the instructional technologist for an independent school district in Texas and teaches for McLennan Community College and Southern New Hampshire University.

Extended Abstract

In this session, attendees will experience GooseChase, an online platform for virtual scavenger hunts. GooseChase scavenger hunts can be designed by virtual instructors to allow students to complete missions related to course topics wherever they are located. This personalizes learning for online students since they directly relate course topics to the real-world in their location. 

Workshop Outline:

  • Why should we gamify formative assessments?
    • Engagement
    • Application of course topics to real-world
    • Emphasizes creativity
  • Introduction of GooseChase
    • Online Scavenger Hunt Platform
    • Free app for students
  • How does GooseChase apply to online learning?
    • Students can complete missions anywhere
    • Only requires a smartphone and free app
    • Students apply the content to the world around them, which is likely different from other students
    • Gets students out in the field to experience active learning
  • Sample Game
    • Video Missions
    • Picture Missions
    • Test Missions
    • View and Discuss Submissions
  • How to set up games
    • Website
    • Pricing Options
    • Automatic start and stop
  • Mission options for online students
    • Ideas for types of missions that can be completed anywhere
    • Ideas for different course types
  • Game Library & Sharing Games
    • Integrating Missions from different games to make your own
    • Communities for sharing games