Technology Test Kitchen Open House and Mini Escape Room Challenge

OLC Session

Brief Abstract


Through a series of themed, interactive stations (each with their own set of fun challenges and tasks), the Technology Test Kitchen invites participants to embark on a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-styled learning journey. Expect to be wowed by multiple pedagogical approaches, new and interesting ways to engage with educational technologies, and ‘out of this world’ opportunities for prizes! Whether you’re new to the OLC, new to thinking about technology, or someone who has returned for yet another year or simply a new venue to explore with others, this low-stakes, fun, playful, and collaborative space is for you.

Mini Escape Room

In the spirit of the Technology Test Kitchen, the OLC Mini Escape Room will allow conference participants a fun and unique space to not only engage with a variety of educational technologies, but do so in a themed, challenge-based environment with others. Challenges might include finding a hidden code within a database to unlock a presentation or navigating through a virtual or augmented reality to receive your next clue. That said, they will all be fun, practical, and representative of the types of teaching and learning challenges that educators face in their day-to-day lives.

Extended Abstract