Driving Better Learning Experiences With PlayPosit 3.0 -- Enhanced Content Digestion & Peer to Peer Learning

Concurrent Session 1

Brief Abstract

All questions are not created equal. Nor are all experiences. Come learn how to leverage PlayPosit 3.0 to support the development of higher order critical thinking skills via our multi-directionally interactive platform and new peer review functionalities.


Sue Germer received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago and Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School. She practiced law for several years before joining the Teach For America corps where she and her cofounder, Ben Levy, created PlayPosit to engage their students. Now, Sue oversees all partnerships with PlayPosit and continues to focus her life and career on educational access and equity.

Extended Abstract

The session will focus on leveraging video to cultivate three key relationships needed for a positive learner experience online. Instructor to learner via formative and summative assessment creation. Peer to peer via our new peer review functionalities and commenting boards. Learner to self via our discovery based learning opportunities and adaptive capabilities.