Cidi Labs Accessibility Tools For The Canvas LMS: UDOIT, DesignPLUS, And TidyUP

Concurrent Session 8

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Brief Abstract

Accessibility is key to student success in online, blended and face-to-face courses. Cidi Labs tools help course authors build, check, and identify accessibility in courses in Canvas.


Kenneth Larsen is a programmer analyst at Utah State University. Kenneth is the creator of DesignPLUS. He holds a Master’s Degree from Utah State in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences and works with faculty directly through the school’s Center for Innovative Design and Instruction.

Extended Abstract

Creating accessible materials in any LMS is key to student success in online, blended and face-to-face courses. With Cidi Labs tools for instructional designers, instructional designers can build accessible courses easily using the DesignPLUS page-level accessibility checker, check accessibility for existing courses with UDOIT, and identify published pages and documents for remediation using TidyUP.

In DesignPLUS, at a page level, course creators can check for accessible links, heading levels and colors that fit the gold standard of WCAG 2.0—as they create content in Canvas.

Other tools, like the UDOIT accessibility checker (developed by the University of Central Florida and Cidi Labs SaaS hosted UDOIT Cloud) check for accessible content on a course level. Instructional designers can teach faculty how to remediate their courses for accessibility using the UDOIT offering as a way to focus on improving accessibility for all students.

TidyUP was developed initially to help identify files and pages that were in use in Canvas courses. If a course needs to be updated teachers and designers can see which materials are not published, out of date, or otherwise not accessible in the Canvas course.