Course Conversions: Reframing Pitfalls into Best Practices

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Brief Abstract

When integrating external resources in a course conversion, it will come with successes and struggles.  In this session, we will work to reframe the pitfalls into best practice ideas that can be faced when working along with a vendor or stakeholder outside of your organization.

Extended Abstract

When early adopters of a new technology solution begin working on a project, the experience comes with enthusiasm, hope, growing pains, and struggles.  All on the project have a shared goal of improving the student experience.  It isn’t until you get into the project that you start to work through “unknown unknowns.”    At the end of the project, there is often a retrospective or time for reflective practice to learn from the experience.  
Join us for a session where we can collectively learn from the retrospective feedback.  We will take our pitfalls and turn them into proactive best practices when working on a project.

The presentation will model this using 5 pitfalls and corresponding best-practices that any course may experience when converting a course to a different modality or working with an external vendor to supplement the work.  It will be based around a 300-level fully-online Statistics course conversion case study that touches upon project management related challenges, items to look for/ask for when working with external teams and big picture items to remember throughout course conversions or when starting a major project with different teams.

The best practices and pitfalls will be the start of a list for course design and development stakeholders.  This includes but is not limited to faculty, course leads, directors, instructional designers.   During the education session, five pitfalls and five corresponding best practices (ways to prevent or be proactive about the pitfall) will be presented and converted into a checklist resource for participants to build upon.  There will be an open session at the end for participants to continue the conversation and address items that they might also consider.  

Participants are asked to come to the session with any ideas of challenges faced in course design or development conversion.  This could be during a migration, course conversion, changing of materials, major revision, or any course project.  At the end of the presentation, we will work with participants to reframe their challenges from pitfalls to best practices and add to an overall shared checklist so that we can learn from each other’s experiences.
The checklist will be available to attendees in the session and virtually.