Equitable Access: Scaling the Next-Gen Digital Learning Environment

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Brief Abstract

Institutions, content providers, & technology suppliers have collaborated to ensure day one access to course materials to improve student success and lessen the cost of education. Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs streamline procurement and delivery of course materials.

Extended Abstract

The cost of materials has often prevented or delayed learners from purchasing their required content for courses, which can have a negative impact on their performance. To combat this, institutions, content providers and technology suppliers have collaborated in recent years to offer Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs to ensure day one access to course material, improve student outcomes and reduce overall costs. While these programs streamline the procurement and delivery of course materials, they also introduce new complexities for institutions and suppliers. In this session we’ll discuss how VitalSource has partnered with institutions to implement innovative technology that leverages industry standards and helped provide Equitable Access to their learners. We’ll discuss how we scaled access, enabling students to utilize course materials affordably and easily.