Screen-Based Simulation: Engaging Learners with Technology

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Brief Abstract

This hands-on workshop focuses on effectively engaging students using screen-based simulation technology. This unique teaching technique facilitates learning with prebriefing, realistic scenarios and debriefing that adhere to International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning standards of best practice. Participating in a screen-based simulation will generate ideas for your classroom.

Extended Abstract

Student engagement and effective pedagogies are top of mind for faculty and students in today's higher education classrooms. The availability of new technologies and screen-based simulation offer faculty and students an opportunity to experience real-world situations to support learning outcomes in a variety of courses. An evidence-based framework employing the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) Standards of Best Practice supports integration of screen-based simulation into a variety of settings where realistic scenarios enhance learning. Employing technology-enhanced teaching techniques such as screen-based simulation allows faculty and students to experience learning in new ways to enhance all learning environments. Faculty can incorporate this strategy into a variety of lesson plans to support the learner experience. The learner is immersed in the realistic situation during prebriefing, scenario engagement and decision-making. Facilitators guide group debriefing to support reflection. Participants will be able to identify strategies for integrating screen-based simulation into a variety of courses. This presentation seeks to provide faculty with design strategies for integration of screen-based simulation to promote active learning and student engagement. Level of Participation: This session is designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to explore screen-based simulation technology from the comfort of their chair. Following a brief introduction to screen-based simulation methodology and INACSL standards of best practice, attendees will participate in a structured prebriefing in preparation for engagement in an unfolding, realistic scenario with interactive questions and concluding with a facilitated debriefing. In small groups, attendees will generate ideas for incorporating screen-based simulation into their classroom. Session Goals: Individuals attending this express workshop will be able to discuss strategies for identifying innovative opportunities for the use of screen-based simulation in the higher education classroom. They will be able to participate in a screen-based simulation activity following INACSL standards of best practice for simulation. And lastly, they will be able to generate ideas for incorporating screen-based technology into their classrooms to engage learners.