Learner-Centered Design: Conducting a Student Analysis

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Brief Abstract

Participants will conduct a student analysis, the first phase of designing learner-centered online learning experiences. During the workshop, participants will learn about a learner-centered mindset and engage in an activity that will produce a complete analysis of their students that they can export and use for future designs.


Raul Pineda is an instructional designer for a dual enrollment program at The University of Texas at Austin known as Texas OnRamps. In his position, Raul designs and builds distance learning courses in collaboration with university faculty and staff that give high school students the opportunity to experience college before college. In addition to this, he is a designer and contributor of a distance learning educator training catalog created by Texas OnRamps. At the University of Texas at Austin, Raul has learned the importance of creating learner-centered educational experiences to provide students with engaging and effective ways to learn. As an instructional designer, Raul is interested in areas such as online accessibility, digital equity, and VR and AR experiences in education. Raul is currently finishing his Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Learning Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin and looks forward to innovating and making advances in online learning through his work with Texas OnRamps.

Extended Abstract

Student analysis is the first step in designing any type of learning experience for students. For distance learning experiences, it is important to reframe the student analysis process and focus on areas that might affect student learning in online spaces. When instructional designers ask themselves the right questions and think about factors that may impact students' online learning experience before creating them, they can gather insights that will help them develop more effective and learner-centered designs.

At Texas OnRamps, one of our main focuses is our students' online learning experience. Through student analysis processes such as the one participants will experience in this workshop, our designers obtain key pieces of information that are used to address areas like course navigation, course aesthetics, interactive activities, accessibility, and responsiveness across different devices.