Where In the World Is The AT? Assistive Technology For Beginners

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Brief Abstract

When someone hears the word “Assistive Technology”, they may think of motorized wheelchairs or specialized computer programs. While these are examples of Assistive Technology tools, Assistive Technology(AT) tools are everywhere. These tools can range from free, inexpensive to expensive. These specific tools can help students with disabilities learn, communicate and navigate the world around them. Come to this session to learn the different levels of AT and the different kinds of AT available. During this session, you will be exposed to different types of AT and learn how they can benefit students.  Participants will also discuss best practices for use and implementation with their students. Participants will also learn where they can locate AT resources and tools. Use of an Internet Enabled device is required for this session.

Extended Abstract

In this session:  

  • Participants will identify the different levels of AT.
  • Participants will identify 3 different AT tools for communication, vision and hearing, computer access,  productivity, organization, and independence/workforce.
  • Participants will identify where they can get access to free AT resources.