Networking Coffee Break - Coffee Talk With Wiley: Partner for Online Success with Wiley Education Services

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Brief Abstract

Take a break from the rich idea sharing in the sessions with a virtual coffee talk. Grab a hot beverage and join us for an informal discussion and light networking as a connection between sessions.  Join Wiley Education Services to learn about the services we offer to support your college or university's online learning efforts. We would appreciate the opportunity to explore your goals and ways we can architect solutions to meet your needs.

Extended Abstract


Join our business development team for an informal chat about the ways we can help you succeed. As a core part of the Wiley business, Wiley Education Services is underpinned by more than 200 years of experience in global education. Our expertise was bolstered by the 2012 acquisition of Deltak and the 2018 acquisition of Learning House – leaders in online higher education partnerships and technology solutions.

We are a learning business, helping people across universities, libraries, societies, and corporations develop the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their full potential and succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

To reach this end, we offer a partnership unlike any other. We work closely with higher education institutions to develop tailored services and solutions that include strategic consultation, market strategy and research, marketing, program development and design, and institution-wide support, covering the entire student journey.


Wiley Education Services comes together with its partners to produce a flexible framework of services and solutions to support their unique objectives. Through this dynamic partnership, we provide people-driven expertise, a culture of continuous learning, faculty training and support, and innovation powered by market insight and technology.

With our passion, insight, resources, and support, our partners can address their challenges by reaching new markets, developing operational efficiencies, and creating rewarding on-campus, online and hybrid learning experiences, while meeting the needs of students and employers well into the future.

“When you work with Wiley as a partner they have a team…That team will ask the right questions. You have the answers as a faculty member and they will work through the process with you step by step.” —Polly Smith, Utica College, USA