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Brief Abstract

With the dramatic effects the COVID-19 pandemic has already had on education, what are the longer-term effects on people, practices, and organizations focused on developing teaching and learning, like instructional designers, faculty developers, educational technologists, and centers for teaching and learning. What’s changed? What changes are going to persist? What will change moving forward?

Join us to hear our discussion with special guests:

  • Anthony Picciano, Professor PhD Program in Urban Education, CUNY Hunter College and Graduate Center
  • Sherri Braxton, Senior Director, Instructional Technology, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

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Nate is an evangelist who connects people, ideas, and technologies to make things better, currently working with Hypothesis (https://web.hypothes.is), the nonprofit organization that stewards open, standards-based annotation technologies and practices. He has worked across a wide variety of public and private institutions, focusing on community development, digital communications, meaningful education, open technologies, and sustainable growth. Nate lives in Portland, Oregon USA with some other cats and humans. Learn more about Nate on his blog (http://xolotl.org) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/xolotl).

Extended Abstract

Get a concentrated dose of Accelerate experience with OLC Live! hosts Jenae Cohn and Nate Angell as they lead a cross-cutting discussion with presenters and participants focused on this year's conference themes:

  • Access, Equity, and Open Education
  • Blended
  • Engaged and Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Instructional Design
  • Leadership and Institutional Strategies
  • Research, Evaluation, and Learning Analytics
  • Technology and Future Trends

Excitingly, this year for OLC Live! we’re trying something new. Hosts Jenae and Nate are sourcing our guest interviewees right from the amazing group of presenters and audience members as a way to stay responsive to the discussions actually happening during the conference. You can help them identify engaging and provocative speakers by completing the OLC Live! nomination form: http://bit.ly/OLCLiveNomination .  

Join OLC Live! daily to hear from those presenters and audience members who have been identified as impactful during sessions for additional insights!