Overcoming Test Anxiety With A Dose Of Preparedness: What Students Need To Know About Online Proctoring

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Brief Abstract

Did you know that the student satisfaction rate of a first time student vs. a repeat student is significantly lower? Join us in this session to learn how to bridge the gap by being able to provide students with important information to improve their online proctoring experience.

Extended Abstract

Taking any kind of test online can create anxiety for some students. Online proctoring has become a necessary service for ensuring the academic integrity of an exam, but, unfortunately, it can add to the apprehensive feelings your students may have when testing online. ProctorU is well aware of this, and we want to help! Over the past twelve months, we’ve taken a deep dive into our test-taker satisfaction scores. We found that our first-time students had significantly lower satisfaction scores than those of students who had taken multiple ProctorU exams. As a result of these findings, we have created multiple resources focusing on student readiness.