Holistic Student Engagement: 8 Key Areas for Student Success

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Brief Abstract

With 20 years of experience, InsideTrack, a non-profit student success organization, has identified 8 key focus areas that impact student success. The focus wheel is a tool to help have conversations with students about key areas through proactive assessment and reflective decision-making. The insights gained can help determine risk factors students may have and can also support you in providing more holistic support to your students.   

Extended Abstract

By participating in this session, attendees will:

  • Learn about the 8 key areas that are part of the Focus Wheel tool that InsideTrack uses to holistically support and engage students 
  • Will be introduced to questions that InsideTrack coaches use to open discussions with students about each of the 8 key areas
  • Reflect on personal ability or ability of your institution/campus to engage and support students in each key area