Building Community and Supporting Students Despite the Distance Between Us

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Brief Abstract

Keeping students connected, supported, and motivated today is more important, and difficult, than ever. Hear from our multidisciplinary panel who will share their experiences using online and blended communities to scale support and keep students engaged from a distance. You will leave the conversation with practical solutions for building community for different student populations and at different stages of the student lifecycle.  


Katy is an impact-driven CEO who has spent 20 years creating solutions that extend access to high-quality education for every student. She is the co-founder and CEO of InScribe, an innovative collaboration platform that helps improve student engagement and build community with a focus on supporting non-traditional and underserved student populations. Leveraging her experience and strategic abilities, Katy specializes in ed-tech innovations, student success, and communities of belonging.

Extended Abstract

2020 has brought unprecedented changes and challenges to higher education. New models and modalities of learning have left students, faculty, and staff feeling uncertain, confused, and often isolated from peers. As a result, institutions are seeking new ways to leverage technology to provide just in time support and create meaningful connections across their institution.

During this interactive session, online education experts from Arizona State University and Indiana University will share their first-hand experiences using digital communities to build authentic relationships, boost learner engagement, and increase participation online. Join us to learn practical (and achievable) changes you can make to help your students, faculty, and staff stay connected at a distance.