Ahead of the Curve: Exploring Trends in Experiential Learning

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Brief Abstract

As the world went virtual, the delivery of experiential education looked different. This opened up avenues for innovation and opportunities for radical change. In this session, we explore trends in experiential learning. We uncover growing areas such as interdisciplinary collaboration, equity and inclusion, and reskilling in a virtual world.

Extended Abstract

Experiential learning has always been a testing ground for education as a whole. Its emphasis on the application of knowledge as well as its close ties to industry needs means experiential education is ahead of the curve. Innovations in experiential learning are happening everywhere.

This session gives practitioners and enthusiasts an opportunity to explore challenges and opportunities, as well as practical tips on scaling experiential education. Dana will cover 3 key examples of how experiential education has evolved since the onset of the pandemic and various opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. These will include project-based virtual internships, the new upskilling and reskilling wave, as well as innovative partnerships between technology companies and post-secondary institutions to prepare learners for high-demand careers.